Readers & Royalties

Thanks for your order!

I have one question:

How would you like to be paid for your reading habit?

Let me put that another way:

How would you like your reading habit to pay for itself, and then some?

I’m out to change the way books are bought and sold. I think readers deserve to be rewarded for recommending books they love to other readers.

Like any author, I want to know that you’ve enjoyed one of my books. If you have, it would be awesome if you rave about it to your friends, maybe even write a positive review and post it to Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, your blog if you have one… I’m incredibly grateful when someone does that.

But what do they get out of it?

Most people get a kick out of sharing stuff they like. Me, too. And many (I hope most) readers like to be supportive of the writers whose books they enjoy. Amazon knows that and capitalizes on it. That’s a good thing. It benefits writers, and I’m not complaining about that. They also share a small percentage (currently 4%) of sales that result from their “associate’s” promotions. I don’t think that’s enough.

If you convince someone else to buy my books, I think you deserve half the royalties.

In the case of an ebook purchased directly from my site, that means 50% of the actual price of the book. For physical books, it might mean 30-40% of the purchase price. For all of my products, I calculate sales commissions to be at least as much as I net from the same sale. Why? Because I suck at selling my own stuff? Well, yeah, partly. Most writers do. Nothing turns me off quicker than a writer telling me how awesome his or her novel is. (Of course they think so; it’s their baby!) But if somebody else tells me, especially someone whose tastes and opinions I respect, I’ll listen. So I need you.

And because I need you, I should have to pay you. It’s that simple.

It’s also really simple to sign up for my Readers & Royalties program. Just click here to get started.

Thanks again for your purchase. I’d love to hear from you.


P.S. Oh, but hey! Wait a minute! You haven’t had a chance to actually read the book you just ordered, have you? So you don’t know yet if you can, in good faith, recommend it so someone else.

That’s an excellent point. How about I give you a couple of weeks? I’ll send you a reminder. If you’re into what I write, you can sign up and start getting a return on your investment. I’ll keep you up to date on new projects and goings on, share ideas for making the most of your participation in the Readers & Royalties program (and enter you in R & R contests to make it even more worth your while). There’s really no obligation either way, but if you’d rather wait to decide, click here instead.