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Dawn Nelson

If you come to North Adams to visit or to stay, whatever else you do, whatever else you see, I hope you’ll spend some time on the second floor of the Eclipse Mill, down at the east end of the hallway, where it widens out to form the largest of the floor’s three modest gallery spaces. You’ll find yourself immersed in a lively back-and-forth between the tapestries of Betty Vera (about whose work I hope to say more later) and (what I want to talk about today) the large, ebullient paintings of Dawn Nelson Read More→

Sarah Sutro

I sit with a smallish ink painting (11″ x 16″) that Michelle acquired from our neighbor, Sarah Sutro. Sarah and Michael have owned the loft across the stairwell from us since the inception of the artists’ community that has occupied the Eclipse Mill since about 2004, but until recently we knew them only by reputation as “the couple who live in Thailand.

Molecular Music

Before Thailand, they lived in Bangladesh, where Sarah studied ink- and dye-making at a shop called Aranya, in Dhaka. She has written a marvelously big little book about her exploration of color, Read More→

Rick Harlow

Rick Harlow’s psychedelic oils stretch deep and wide enough to wade into. Not the way you might walk into a landscape–although some of them, technically, like the satellite’s eye view of South America that dominates the angled wall down the hall from our door (but I’ll say more about that one in a moment) qualify as landscapes–but no, not the way you’d stroll through the saturated sunsets of Monet’s hayfields, say–except, but not unless–you’d have to be high, I think, or umbilically connected to the Amazon Basin. Read More→