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Unabashed Shamanism ~ Martin Case and A Brief History

A Brief History: A Collection of Great Dance Songs by Martin Case


Martin Case has been building musical floors under the feet of Boston dancers for a while now – floors supported by an eclecticism that girds the globe, from the cramped North American apartment complex of “Dispute” to “Thailand Outdoors” with its hectic, techno-Thai suspension of disbelief Read More→

Sam Amidon at Club B-10

If the imaginary friend of a friend were to wake up one day, put on the tee shirt and blue jeans of a banjo virtuoso and take to hollering the way a fish takes to ichthyology, the evidence conclusively demonstrated last night at Mass MoCA’s Club B-10 that

  1. a) such a friend would go by the name of Sam Amidon
  2. b) it would feel good to him to be luminous
  3. on stage
  4. while picking and/or bowing the strings of whichever instrument he damn well pleases in any style he pleases and in any particular order, which in the end will have proved preordained, even providential, and not, as it might seem, merely happenstantial
  5. as an offhand videographer/storyteller/cartoonist and
  6. a loose horse in the valley.

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